Gold buy-side HSR: $1033, $887

Sell-side: $1320, $1392, $1432, $1472, $1523

Silver: buy-side: $18.17, $16, $13.50, $9.50, $7 

Sell-side: $22, $26

HUI buy-side: 155, 100.  Sell-side HSR: 250, 360

US Dow buy-side: 14,200.  Sell: None.

Bombay BSE buy-side HSR: 21,200.  Sell-side: None.

Chinese “Dow” FXI-NYSE buy-side: $28.03, $23.30, $17.94, $15.48. 

Sell-side: $45, $50, $60.

SPDR FUND (GLD-NYSE) Tonnage: 915

Next CRIMEX (COMEX) Gold Option Expiry Scam: Nov 22

Next FOMC Scam: Dec 14

Next BOJ Scam: Dec 19-20

Next US Jobs Report Scam: 830am, Dec 2

Estimated Next SAFE gold reserves report: Nov 10

PGEN: Pyramid Generator (Systematic Capital Allocation)




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November 22, 2016


  1. Please click here now: How does sub $200 an ounce AISC sound… to YOU?
  2. Evolution’s top dog runs ultra-marathons. Jake “the non-snake” Klein just grabbed a big chunk of the Ernie Henry mine in Australia, and it’s all sub $200 an ounce AISC.
  3. I’m going to venture an ultra-wild guess… that you can handle that.
  4. Heads up: The entire Evolution operation is on track to hit 800,000+ ounces in 2017 at an overall AISC of about $950.
  5. Double heads up: That’s $950AUD!!
  6. The USD price of gold is $1215. The AUD price is $1600+.
  7. At $950 AUD for 2017 (or even $1050 AUD now)… it’s pretty clear the profits and cash flow action is very positive!
  8. I should note that as far as YOU are concerned: be very careful about assuming gold is going here or there, based on the opinions of amateurs.
  9. Jake Klein reminds me of mine builder extraordinaire Paul Penna in an indirect way. Paul was a boiler room/penny stock operator who wanted something real.
  10. Paul had a big heart. We’ll have to see how big Jake’s is, but so far it looks pretty good.  Paul built a penny operation into Dumagami, and that into Agnico Eagle.
  11. Jake thought gold would fall down in early 2016. Instead, it went ballistic. I ridiculed his predictions, but not Jake the man, at the time, as some of you know.
  12. Predicting gold isn’t as simple as people think, including Jake, as he and other mine builders have found, the hard way.
  13. Jake is a great mine builder, but as he and other minebuilders have found, predicting the price of the ultimate asset they mine is not a simple task.
  14. Please click here now: The Eagle.
  15. And there she is. Paul Penna’s masterpiece, Agnico Eagle, temporarily, in all her 3 waves down against US fiat non-glory.
  16. Whether you follow Elliot Wave, basic Edwards & Magee, or fundamental analysis, there is a basic 3 waves pattern in play in most market movement.
  17. Agnico shows that 3 wave pattern, and all there’s left to do now is… cheer price higher!
  18. Gridtime! If you want to build wealth in the market, you need to look at price levels where Western banksters and Indian mobsters buy.  They push price into key levels, and $1215 for gold is one of those key levels.  It comes at the end of a 3 wave point!  Think in terms of price levels, not in terms of bull markets and bear markets.  The banksters/mobsters don’t care about your bull/bear fantasies.  Stay focused on levels, and make 1000{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} sure you are prepared to ACT at those levels.  $1033 is buy. $1432 is sell. Focus on that, and play tiddly winks in between.  I’ll send part 2 of the six pack report tomorrow.  This is being sent while I’m at 35,000 feet up in a plane headed to Toronto.  Price level cheers!


Kirk out!





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