Juniors PGEN Marines Update (JMU).

(Pronounced “JAYMEW”)


 June 13, 2016


 Junior PGEN Marines Update 


  1. It’s time. What time is it?  Well, it’s time for you to get richer, while you say….
  2. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The markets were open Saturday night and Sunday, and to view the action, please click here now! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  4. If you don’t have a bitcoin account, check out Quadriga, Canada’s largest bitcoin dealer at  I use them, US-based COINBASE (NYSE is heavily invested in coinbase), and BTCC (mega-size bitcoin exchange in China, where you can trade Mr. Bit with 20:1 leverage if you want to).
  5. My longterm target for price per bitcoin is… $5000 to $10,000. Imagine gold moving from $1000 to $3000 from Sept 2015 to now.  That’s basically what Sir Bit has done. 
  6. Bit is not gold, but it does make me involuntarily go.... Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Please click here now: That’s the action on Sir Bit, this fine Monday morning!
  8. The bitcoin action just over the weekend, is like GOLD leaping $200 from Saturday to Monday morning! Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  9. The good news: That type of action DOES lie ahead for you and your mines!  Please click here now: MUX blasted to a new high for the year, on Friday!  I own it, and I love it. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!
  10. GDXJ doesn’t have enough institutional following to trade often overnight, but GDX is up 30 cents this morning, with gold up another $10. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Please click here now: That is Golden Monster Portfolio component Chesapeake, CKG.
  12. CKG appears to be attempting to launch itself out of a quasi “super flag” pattern. It’s not really a flag, per the textbook requirements of Edwards and Magee, but I’ve told you many times that junior resource stocks need to be “technically painted” with a very broad stroked brush.
  13. I think it’s ok to call the Chesapeake pattern a super flag. It was $18 at the 2011 high.  I think it’s at least ready to roar to $6, which would make it a 3 bagger off the 2015 pre rate hike lows.
  14. The different portfolios have different names for a reason. For example, the Golden Monsters refers to stocks that have very high reserves/resources.  The Top Ten refers to ten stocks with high odds of being taken over by a bigger mining company.  The Seven Sisters are natural gas companies.  The Max Risk is obviously a group of stocks with maximum risk.
  15. The uranium top ten portfolio has Goldlion’s top ten junior “yellowcake” (uranium) stocks. Uranium is like the base metals; there is still more time required before demand overwhelms supply, but it’s coming over the next 1 -2 years.
  16.  Eye Opener portfolio has stocks that may surprise investors in a good way. On that note, please click here now: That’s Eye Opener component Unigold.
  17. Unigold is relatively thinly traded, and under the radar screens of most investors, but not under Goldlion’s radar screen, obviously, and it’s staged a magnificent “choo choo” train five bagger advance, from Janet’s rate hike lows just 6 months ago!
  18. Please click here now: That’s the unigold website. You can check in on the company’s action in the Dominican Republic there.
  19. I would be a buyer via 50 cent to zero pgen, every 1 cent down in the 50 – 25 cent zone, and every 2 cents down in the 25 – zero zone.
  20. YOU can approach it differently, but here’s my reasoning for that pgen: If gold were to impossibly “fall apart” here, with the Brexit, a stock market crash season rate hike, and Diwali in India all on the front burner of gold price discovery, YOU might become seriously demoralized, and make the banksters seriously roll on the floor with laughter, as you become demoralized.
  21. So, I’m not sure that most of you could handle that situation with breaking a bit emotionally. So a smaller buy-side pgen at lower prices is how I would suggest you deal with the impossibility of a breakdown, if it really happened.
  22. The bottom line is that you have to buy lower price, as you realize watching 3 baggers, 5 baggers, 10 baggers, and even a few 20 baggers in action already, from the 2014 -2015 zone. You have to buy that lower price when all the crackheads are waving their stupid “it’s a bear market, and I’m a crackhead that needs to buy the Dow while selling my gold items to the banksters” label makers in the air.  YOU can’t get richer with the horrific mindset of a crackhead, and while the institutional action in gold/gold stocks now suggests to me that significantly lower prices are impossible, I’ve always made my biggest mega-scores in the market by buying when I’m vomiting, and I’m 100{7d2759035a2769ee7a6afa7c646e6642b67314b0cd0e17ac0c6ae4f965ff87d9} sure that price is finished and only going lower “forever”. 
  23. I have a large number of short positions that I’ve put on into this rally, so I’ll be emotionally aok if price does melt away, but those short positions are “beyond overwhelmed” by the mega amount of long positions I have, so if price goes higher, it’s “friggin’ awesome!!!!!!!” and all I’ll be able to say is, “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Remember that most of the gold community didn’t buy anything into the decline.  They shorted and sold.  They might talk about higher prices now, but they really can’t say “Wheeee!”, because nothing they own is really at a profit.  Don’t top call this market, but don’t get overly cocky about what you know about where price is going either, because the banksters are the ones who bought the bulk of the stock that the gold community sold, so they are saying “Whee!!!” louder than you, and louder than me. 
  24. Gridtime! Do NOT blow out a single one of your core positions in an insane attempt to “get it back cheaper”.  On that note, please click here now: That’s Chow Tai Fook, the world’s largest gold jeweller.  The recent rally is very similar to how the rally in junior gold stocks started after Janet’s first rate hike; the gurus all raced forwards to top call the rally.  Clearly, I sold at the top of the recent rally, after buying at the exact bottom, which makes me a super-genius.  Or… does it?  I only sold trading positions, not core positions.  If I sold core positions, then I could now get them back cheaper, while wearing my super-genius costume, but I have no interest in wearing that costume, because it’s intestinal fortitude that comes from the heart and soul, not a super-genius that comes from the brain, that builds real market wealth that is retained.  At some point, the super-genius sells, and price keeps going higher, and higher, and higher, and higher, turning the super-genius into bull era roadkill. Hold your core positions with an iron hand.  Let’s hit the gridlines now.  I’ll see you, shouting “Wheeeeeee!!!!!”, there!

Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers bridge, out! 




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